“I LOVE THE BOOK! It was such a refreshing approach to talking to children about grief and incorporating faith in Christ.  I passed the copy along to one of our volunteers who is incorporating it into the curriculum for the winter session . . . All of the elements that were incorporated into Emily Lost Someone She Loved from the book itself, to the Bible memory cards, to the bookmarks  . . . It feels so complete and I know that it is going to be a blessing to our kids!” 

—Kirsten Hitchcock, Director of Child Grief Support

Willow Creek Church

“Emily Lost Someone She Loved is one of the most special little books on loss I have ever read for children.  The art work is beautiful and the message is touching.”

—Zaneta Gileno, LMSW, CT, Director, Community Based Care and Professional Education

T.A.P.S. (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors)

“I am a preschool director and recently bought Emily Lost Someone She Loved to be used as a resource at the school. I will give it to a parent to read to their child if they lose someone in their family. I have had other books but this one is far superior!”

—Nancy Knaus, Preschool Director

Jacksonville Chapel Preschool

“Finally—a compassionate, heartfelt book for young people who have lost a loved one and carry the grief with them like a heavy weight. Thousands of youth each year lose a parent and struggle with where to go with their feelings. Kathleen Fucci, based on her personal experience, has tapped into the unique perspective of someone searching for understanding and meaning when confronted with the confusion and emptiness that comes from traumatic loss. Her message is one of healing and hope, and will touch the hearts of all her readers.”

—Robert Brown., President & Founder

Young Lives Redeemed

“Excellent job of capturing the grief journey for a child. I love the conclusion of Where Is God. That is superb. This book will serve our grief ministry here.” 

—Gordon Bergman, Pastor of Pastoral Care

Salem Alliance Church

“Emily Lost Someone She Loved books will help our littlest Nigerian brothers and sisters process the grief they have experienced following the death of loved ones. I have personally met with many orphans, and other victims of trauma, in Nigeria, and have seen how grateful they are when we walk with them through the journey of grief. As a former military trauma responder, who counseled hundreds of victims over a 12 year active duty career, I recognize the value of healthy, appropriate, faith-filled grieving, and this book will help children grieve well.”

—Dr. Jason Peters, Associate Vice President

The Voice of the Martyrs

“The book is beautiful. We love that it shows how life changed because of the loss. The book will bring hope to many children!! We cried as we looked at the page of the family at the gravesite, what a powerful illustration! We love the memory cards! We are looking forward to the upcoming books and curriculum. Thank you so much for everything! The book, cards, pen, the adorable stuffed puppy. Wow! We love the scriptures you use in Where is God? God's Word is so healing and these are awesome promises for the kids to treasure in their hearts! May the Lord bless many, many children through your ministry and give them hope and comfort.”

—Deanna Pilcher, Director of Red Balloon Children (Children's Grief Support)

Calvary Albuquerque

“This tenderly written and child friendly book takes you on a child's journey from a happy life, through tragic loss and then to comfort, peace and joy. In my 38 years of ministry to children, I have needed and often been asked for help in comforting a child who has experienced deep loss. This book brings the healing of God's Word, understanding He is here with them, and a path to treasure that powerful truth in their hearts.”

—Rachel Key, Children's Ministry Leader & Trainer 

“It is evident from reading the book Emily Lost Someone She Loved that Kathleen Fucci knows and understands the pain of losing a loved one. In reading the story of Emily the reader truly feels the joy of Emily's family life before her mother dies and then the anguish and pain of the loss. Fucci brings comfort, hope, and new life to Emily and her family through discovering that God is with them. As a parent, and Marriage and Family Therapist, I recommend this book for anyone who is grieving a loved one.”

—Karen Cladis, Licensed Marriage & family Therapist